Precision Machining

Jet Machine's full complement of CNC and manual machine tools allow our machinists to perform a variety of applications ranging from complex machining projects to small lot/prototype machining to production machining. With advanced multi-axis machine tools from Mazak and other leading machine tool builders, we are able not only able to bring together extreme versatility and accuracy but also complete complex parts quickly and efficiently. Below is a partial list of Jet Machine's equipment. For a full equipment list please contact us at

Fabrication & Welding

All welders are required to maintain certification for the Structural Weld Codes per AWS Dd1.1 - Steel, AWS D1.2 - Aluminum, AWS D1.6 - Stainless Steel. Jet Machine is curently qualified to AWS D17.1 for the following materials:
  • Group IA, IB - Carbon and Alloy Steels, Heat Treatable Alloy Steels
  • Group IIA, IIB - Stainless Steels, Precipitation Hardenable Stainless Steels
  • Group IIIA, IIIB - Nickel and Nickel Base Alloys, Precipitation Hardening Nickel
  • Group IV - Non-Heat Treatable and Heat Treatable Aluminum Alloys
  • Group VII - Cobalt Based Alloys

Quality Assurance/Inspections

At Jet Machine & Manufacturing, we know that quality control ensures that each of your goals is met. By using the following equipment, we guarantee quality, commitment, excellence and performance on every job:
  • Faro Laser Measuring Machine
  • Brown & Sharp Validator Coordinate Measuring Machine
  • Trimek 5-axis Coordinate Measuring System
  • Trimek Vertical Micro-Height
  • Virtex Scan Measuring Machine
  • Trimos 600 Vertical Micro-Height
  • Gauges: Height, dial bore, master, micrometers, dial and digital calipers

Plant 1
Machining Facility
(110,000 sq. ft.)
Jet Machine & Mfg
6899 Steger Drive
Cincinnati, Ohio 45237

Plant 2
Welding Facility
(81,000 sq. ft.)
Jet Machine & Mfg
6900 Steger Drive
Cincinnati, Ohio 45237

Plant 3
(105,000 sq. ft.)
Jet Machine & Mfg
7108 Shona Drive
Cincinnati, Ohio 45237

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